2 years ago

Ebola surges back even after ‘recovery’ … mystery deaths in Africa believed to be Ebola’s third wave – 10/26/15

Some survivors receive counseling from Christian organizations to help them deal with the stigmatization.

Dr. (NaturalNews) Over the past year and half, a surging outbreak of Ebola virus has put entire countries in West Africa under duress, read more...

2 years ago

Do you need a community to Survive when SHTF? – 10/24/15

We dont get to pick the kind of help we need, thats kind of the nature of a situation which involves asking for a favour. Expect to be disappointed. Its like my 7 year olds cardboard and tape spaceship: Its a fantastic spaceship as long as you don read more...

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HUGE Collection of Gardening and Related Videos – 10/21/15

Learn about biodiversity in organic gardening and increasing microbial life in the soil through sustainable practices implemented at Living Web Farms.


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AD: The one thing you’ll realistically need to comfortably live off-grid

Superior CIGS solar cells, built using NASA and military technologies, are flexible and extremely durable.Unparalleled by our competitors, whose monocrystalline cellsrequire full direct sunlight, the Apollo 36 can function in shaded conditions. Wh read more...